Today we have a WordPress plugin that I wrote recently to use it on my website, but I decided to release it



WordPress plugin to show the recent GitHub Repos In the sidebar. The Plugin is very simple it read the GitHub API as JSON then it decodes the JSON


The plugin tested on WordPress 5.2.2 it’s installed on this website as you can see in the sidebar

The idea of the plugin is so simple, it retrieves the data from GitHub API as JSON encoded then it decodes it.



Go to plugins -> Add New, then select the plugin as zip compressed file or you can upload it to the WordPress plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/) via FTP make sure to upload the plugin inside its own folder so the full path will be : (\wp-content\plugins\wp-github-repos).



The plugin save the retrieved data from GitHub for 5 hours so if you wanna delete the cache to do some testing you can uncomment these lines inside the plugin source:

For more information please visit the plugin repo on my GitHub account below:

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